For some women, lack of tightness can be due to genetics, aging, or some event, most commonly childbirth. A lack of tightness can also be referred to as vaginal laxity, or decreased vaginal tone. This condition happens due to weakened pelvic floor muscles. Vulvas and vaginas are like fingerprints, everyone’s different and most are not abnormal. However, many women want their vagina to look or feel a certain way. While our treatments can’t change the size of the labia, ThermiVa® can improve vaginal tone, increase clitoral sensation and improve vulvar appearance; enhancing confidence and sexual function.

ThermiVa® uses radio frequency heat to treat the inside and outside of the vagina. The heat stimulates collagen growth for remodeling and tightening, and increases blood flow. This improves tone and appearance externally, and increases natural lubrication and sensitivity internally; resulting in improved sexual satisfaction.

  • Improve Vaginal Tone
  • Increase Clitoral Sensation
  • Improve Vulvar Appearance
  • Increase Natural Lubrication & Sensitivity
  • Decrease Urinary Incontinence

ThermiVa® By The Numbers

  • 100% “Worth It” rating on
  • 45 Minutes / how long the treatment takes
  • 3 Sessions / number of treatments in a series
  • 42-45oC / temperature clinically proven to shrink tissue and stimulate collagen
  • 9-12+ Months / how long results last (results are durable)
  • Zero! / how much downtime is involved

V-Revive ThermiVa® Treatments: ThermiVa®: