Pain Free Laser Hair Removal That Works – Motus AX

The Motus AX laser is a revolutionary laser hair removal treatment that is brand new to the U.S. market. This breakthrough technology provides a virtually pain-free option for laser hair removal that is also extremely effective. The Alexandrite wavelength is universally recognized as the most efficacious for hair removal (also fine and/or light hairs). Thanks to its exclusive technology, the Motus AX doubles the laser energy transmission to the skin allowing extraordinary results as never before — and it works on all skin types!

Motus AX Laser in Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Youthful Balance Medical Center from Ricky Shockley on Vimeo.

The Science Beyond the Motux AX

Deka’s innovative new laser handpiece increases energy absorption by up to 40% compared to traditional Alexandrite lasers. Clinical trials have found this to be better than traditional hair removal lasers while delivering greater comfort and safety for the patient.

Delivers More Energy to the Hair Follicle 

DEKA Motus AX combines a new laser technology with an innovative contact handpiece to deliver more energy to the hair-follicle with virtually no-discomfort for the patient.

More Effective Results, Without the Pain?

Laser hair removal treatments no longer need to be compared to ‘the flick of a rubber band’. Because the Deka Motus can achieve 40% greater absorption of laser energy in the hair follicle the total fluence of each laser pulse can be reduced by up to 75%. By achieving effective results with lower fluence the treatment is significantly more comfortable than existing laser systems.