About Us

Diane (left), Jennifer (center), Renne (right)

Youthful Balance… can we help you achieve it?

At Youthful Balance Medical Center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL we are not your typical bio-identical hormone clinic & medical spa. We are committed to providing a personalized, safe and accurate plan that is lacking in today’s medical establishments. Whether it be weight loss, hormone replacement, erectile dysfunction, IV vitamin therapy, B12/amino acids or skin rejuvenation; we pride ourselves in giving our patients the utmost time and attention as well as the highest ethical and professional standards to ensure they are completely satisfied.

We believe in the early detection, treatment and prevention of disease and aging through evidence-based medicine in the ever expanding fields of preventive medicine and age management.

Youthful Balance Medical Center of Palm Beach Gardens is at the forefront in developing therapy programs that optimize and balance hormones, health, wellness and vitality.

Our Botox clinic in Palm Beach Gardens also specializes in esthetic procedures to give our patients a younger look. We are exceptionally skilled and experienced in administering Botox to reduce and remove wrinkles, Juvederm (hyaluronic acid) used as a collagen enhancer and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to make you look and feel young.