Where to Find Discounted 2016 SunFest Tickets

While taking my typical Saturday trip to my local Costco I stumbled upon a pretty sweet deal on SunFest 2016 tickets. While your typical 2-day pass for the festivities will cost you $60, this Costco special included TWO, 2-day tickets for only $84. This got me thinking…where else can someone find a deal on tickets for this year’s event? We decided to do a bit of research for those of you who haven’t purchased tickets yet. Here are some places to get discounted 2016 SunFest tickets:

Buy ASAP (before the 24th)
Prices will increase by $5 for one day passes and $10 for two day passes after the 23rd

Costco (all locations)
$84 for 2, two-day passes ($36 savings total)

TicketDown.com (online)
Promo code: CHEAP
After adding the this promotional offer code, the savings will be shown on their secure checkout page
Note: We did not verify this deal by going through the complete checkout process

Other Info
Check out this year’s special “bicycle valet” offering instead of dealing with parking!

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~Ricky, Youthful Balance Marketing Team