Does Testosterone Therapy Really Work? – Rich’s Story

does testosterone therapy work
Here’s Rich’s experience with testosterone therapy. We discuss how he found out that he had “Low T” and what kind of treatment he is receiving to balance his hormones. Here’s our conversation with Rich….

Rich, how old are you and when were you first diagnosed with low Testosterone?
I’m 59 now and was first diagnosed with low Testosterone through a blood test about 3 years ago. My blood test results showed my levels were substantially lower than they should be for my age.

Describe the symptoms you were experiencing before being diagnosed.
At the time, I was working very early in the morning, like 3:30 AM and just thought I was so wiped-out due to my crazy schedule. I remember feeling like a wave of fatigue would come over me during the day and just make me feel totally wiped-out. My workouts at the gym became more difficult and my libido felt like it was about zero. After describing those symptoms to my doctor and going through the necessary tests, it was determined that my “t” level was low.

What kind of therapy are you receiving, shots, gel, cream, etc.?
Actually, we started out with HCG to try to naturally boost my levels. That worked somewhat but not enough. Then, I was prescribed a Testosterone cream which boosted my levels dramatically. Currently, I’m receiving testosterone injections due to personal preference and they have been more than great!

How would you describe the way you feel today compared to pre-treatment?
Well, let me put it to you this way. There was about a 2 month lag between my last injection due to my schedule. I noticed my mood swings were terrible and I felt depressed and tired. The thing that really struck me was the mental aspect of not having the right Testosterone levels. In late April, I had another treatment and within a week my outlook on life was positive again, I felt stronger emotionally and physically. And, oh yes, workouts in the gym have been so much more productive. Physically, I look and feel much stronger and my libido is strong again.

Do you have advice for other men who may be experiencing similar symptoms of Low T?
Talk to your doctor. I know that sounds like a commercial but it’s true. Your doctor can determine through proper testing if your testosterone levels are low. If you can benefit from increased levels of Testosterone, I’d say do it. For me it’s been a life-changer, it really has.

Thanks, Rich!

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