Put Down the Pint! How Hops Can Negatively Impact Your Testosterone Levels

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If you’re a guy who really enjoys beer, there is evidence that suggest that the hops used in brewing your favorite beer could be having a negative affect on your “T” levels.

According to an article on the website “RPM Fitness”, hops could be responsible for an increase in the level of estrogen, something guys don’t want! From increased breast size to decreased sexual function, some experts are pointing to hops as a culprit. This may occur because hops contain Estradiol, a sticky estrogen that has an adverse affect on free testosterone.

The concept that hops may have a negative impact on the male hormone balance was first conceived many years ago when Germans began noticing that women who harvested hops developed earlier menstrual cycles and that men doing so began noticing increased levels of fat in the chest area (the dreaded “man-boobs”) along with decreased libido.

So, what’s a beer loving guy to do? While supplements like DIM (Diindolylmethane) can help the body metabolize estrogen, there are also beers made without hops, called Gruit Beers, but these are generally very hard to find.

The bottom line is that there is evidence to suggest that hops may be negatively impacting men’s testosterone balance. To play it safe, It’s probably best to consider cutting back on beer consumption!

With all the concern today about “T” levels, it’s important to know what to eliminate in your diet to maintain as much testosterone as is naturally possible.

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